A recent victim of an economic tailspin, I was feeling particularly useless (waking up at noon will have that effect).  A parting gift from a particular helicopter manufacturer which shall remain nameless, free tuition proves to be a strong motivator.  Having finished an MBA program at Fairfield U. in the Spring, going back to school without respite was the only logical conclusion.  Aspiring to finish the interactive communications masters program at Quinnipiac in a year, I hope to come out a more desirable employee (and person?).  Either that or I’ll continue to collect degrees aimlessly.

Before enrolling in QU’s ICM program, I considered a number of different disciplines.  In the end, ICM was the logical choice both in terms of dovetailing with my collegiate marketing experience and future relevance.  Always having had an interest in graphic design, I had considered obtaining a BA, but this program has much more depth and breadth.   The prospect of learning not only design, but a variety of other technological skills intrigued me enough to enroll.  Did I mention free tuition?

A Connecticut resident for life, I have a minor obsession with the Yankees, Steelers, and UConn Huskies.  I enjoy playing baseball/softball, fantasy sports, reading, and evidently, school.